German versions of Chapters of the book

Chapter 3: The organic view of unity
A translation into German, by Walter Mahler and Gunna Mahler-Görges.

Chapter 4: Are we alike or unlike?
A translation into German, by Gunna Mahler-Görges and Walter Mahler.

Chapter 5: Science, religion and philosophy
The original German, entitled 'Wissenschaft, Religion und Philosophie', a lecture given by Stefan Hlatky at the ETH-Zentrum in Zurich, Switzerland, on 8 March 1986.

On-line Articles

Relating to the book

Article 1: A thesis, written in German, entitled 'Stefan Hlatky, Holismus und die gegenwärtige Gentechnologie-Diskussion' ('Stefan Hlatky, holism and the current debate about gene-technology') by Walter Mahler, written for the MA in Applied Ethics, University of Zurich, 2001.

Article 2: A review of Understanding Reality in the Swedish Newspaper FinansTidningen (The Financial Newspaper), April 2001, translated into English.

Other texts by Stefan Hlatky

Article 8: An article entitled 'The demands of common sense on the eve of the forthcoming conference on the protection of the environment', written in 1972 as part of the People’s Forum, an official offshoot of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which took place in Stockholm.

Article 11: An article entitled 'God or Mammon? Reflections on the rise of the so-called market economy', written in 1995 shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Of interest because of its discussion of global capitalism and the pursuit of wealth, as well as the reasons for the lack of interest in the question of the original cause and meaning. (Translated from the Swedish. For the original Swedish.)

Other articles that deal with Stefan Hlatky's hypothesis

The next four texts, in German, are by Gunna Mahler-Görges. The first three were written as part of her studies in psychology, the history of religion and Nordic studies at the University of Zurich, between 1986 and 1988. The fourth is a thesis written in 1990. All were presented in the Faculty of the History of Religion at the University of Zurich. All four texts use Hlatky’s view to throw light on the themes under discussion and contain at various points, as with article 1 above, clear formulations of Hlatky’s views in German.

Article 4: ‘Reinkarnation und Erlösung in der Bhagavadgita’ (‘Reincarnation and redemption in the Bhagavadgita’)

Article 5: ‘Der Begriff des Bewusstseins beim Zenmeister Sokei-an’ (‘The concept of consciousness as used by the Zen Master Sokei-an’)

Article 6: ‘Jnana-Yoga: Der Hintergrund und die verschiedenen Deutungen’ (‘Jnana-Yoga: the background and the different interpretations’)

Article 7: ‘Die Frage der Ganzheit im Spannungsfeld zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Mystik: Ein Kommentar zu Capras Deutung von moderner Physik und östlicher Mystik’ (‘The question of the whole in the debate between natural science and mysticism: a commentary on Capra’s interpretation of modern physics and Eastern mysticism’)